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Please note that all of our courses can be attended with booking only

Wildlife park

Excursion to a Wildlife Park

A wildlife park offers unforgettable encounters with native and formerly native wild animals in natural sourroundings. Together we cross the park and the dog gets the opportunity to come near the wildlife and learns to behave appropriately. In order that the dogs can also play with eachother, we finally go down to the river, where it's aloud to let them run free... open end... 



Location:   Zürich (further information upon booking)


Costs:         CHF 120.00 (incl. VAT.)


Duration:   1,5 - 2 hours



Dates :       (with booking only)



Undesired hunting behaviour is counted among the most frequent problems in cohabitation with our dogs.

In this course owner and dog learn in four lessons how to handle the hunting behaviour of the dog and how to direct it into the right channels – for relaxed walks that bring joy again.  


Location:    Training area Meilen (Google Maps)


Language:  German/English


Costs:          CHF 200.00 (incl. VAT)


Duration:    4 lessons, ca. 1h per lesson



Dates:          Individual

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