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With the private lessons I primarily address dog owners that have come across difficulties with their dogs as well as those who would like to have some support when the dog is moving in or has newly moved in. Proper and species appropriate handling as well as animal protection are imperative to facilitate a relaxed and protected life.

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Private lessons

Private lessons / individual training


Consulting and training for behavioural issues – many problems can be improved with clear and safe training and can often be completely solved.



Behavioural problems/Obedience issues


  • Aggression against other dogs, people, cars etc.

  • Insecurities / anxiousness

  • Separation anxiety

  • Correct use of aids and tools

  • Call back training

  • Wrenching on the leash



Place:    Individual

Costs:    CHF 150.00 per hour

                   (Weekend + 25%) 

Dates:    On request via email on or via the contact form




Getting a new dog or does your darling need additional training in certain areas? A counsultation session could help you with that.





  • Before buying a dog, regarding breed, personality and keeping

  • Before / at the entrance of the dog - what should be respected, character, attitude

  • Concerning puppy development as well as the most important basics or working with your dog

  • Information concerning a healthy diet, including BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food)



Place:    Individual

Costs:    CHF 150.00 per hour

                   (Weekend  + 25%)

Dates:    On request via email on or via the contact form

Reducing hunting behaviour

Reducing hunting behaviour

Undesired hunting behaviour is counted among the most frequent problems in cohabitation with our dogs.

In this course owner and dog learn in four lessons how to handle the hunting behaviour of the dog and how to direct it into the right channels – for relaxed walks that bring joy again.  


Location:    Training area Meilen (Google Maps) or individual

Language:  German/English

Costs:          CHF 350.00 

Duration:    4 lessons, ca. 1h per lesson

Dates:          On request via email on or via the contact form


SKN Theorie

Sachkundenachweis Theoriekurs SKN (basic knowledge course – theory part)


The course imparts the needs of a dog, how to properly care for and handle it as well as illustrates the cost and time requirements of keeping a dog.



Course content:


  • Origins of the dog

  • Health, nutrition, care, vaccinations, castration

  • Behaviour and communication of dogs

  • Development of the dog and possibilities of influence

  • Laws and regulations

  • Obedience and learning theory



Place:        In your home


Costs:        CHF 350.- 

                   (weekend  + 25%)


Duration:  2 lessons à ca. 2h

Dates:        On request via email on or via the contact form

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